Chondroitinase Clinical Trial

Study Type: Clinical Study
Study Location: Iowa State University Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center

Iowa State University Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center is testing if a new treatment, called chondroitinase, may improve the outcome after spinal cord injury in dogs.

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most commonly presented neurological conditions in veterinary medicine. They can have devastating impacts on the animals and their families as they can lead to loss of movement, sensation and urination. This is largely because the spinal cord tissue does not regenerate effectively.

Following spinal cord injury, nerve cells on the two sides of the injured area are not able to properly communicate with each other. This means that the brain is not able to tell the legs what to do and the legs are not able to tell the brain where they are and what they are doing. The same problem happens with the bladder and bowels too. This means that affected dogs may be unable to walk and they may also become incontinent.

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Contact Information:
Dr. Nick Jeffery
Phone: 515-294-4900
Dr. Hilary Hu
Phone: 515–460–2937
Iowa State University Veterinary Medical Center

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