Canine influenza and other infectious disease concerns at dog group events

Breed(s): -All Dogs
Study Location: University of Guelph, Ohio State University, University of Florida
CHF-funded Grant: 02532-A

Canine influenza virus (CIV) is an important dog pathogen, especially in situations where many dogs come together (e.g., shows). Recent outbreaks of CIV have involved dog shows with anecdotally high levels of dog-dog transmission, illness and death of some dogs. In order to evaluate and potentially reduce CIV outbreak risks at dog shows, dog show participant CIV knowledge, attitudes and prevention practices must be determined to inform future prevention efforts. Currently, little information is available about infectious disease risks at group dog events.  This study will be a critical step toward better understanding disease risk and most importantly developing steps to reduce these risks and protect dog health.

Participation Requirements:

Have shown one or more dogs in a conformation event at any point in the past.

Owner's Responsibilities (Samples and Information to be collected):

Complete a 5-minute on-line survey. The survey is designed to gather information about the participant's dogs and practices they follow to keep them healthy. The survey is voluntary and all answers are confidential. No identifying or individual results will be released. The participant's name is not collected. You will not be contacted about your results or participation unless you choose to leave contact information at the conclusion of the survey.  To get more information and to take the survey, click on the following link:

Read more about AKC CHF grant #02532-A here!

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Contact Information:

Study Contact Info:
Name: Jason Stull
Phone: 614-292-1206

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