Boxers and French Bulldogs with Granulomatous Colitis and Healthy Boxers and French Bulldogs

Breed(s): Boxer, French Bulldog
Study Type: DNA Sample
Study Location: Cornell University

Researchers are calling for DNA samples from Boxer dogs and French Bulldogs greater than 7 years of age with no history or clinical signs of gastrointestinal disease (principally diarrhea, mucus or blood in stool, vomiting)  and Boxer Dogs and French Bulldogs of any age who have been confirmed with granulomatous colitis (histopathologically confirmed on a colonic biopsy).


Samples will be used for CHF Grant 1445: Granulomatous Colitis In Boxer Dogs: Genetic Analysis of Disease and Functional Analysis of Bacterial Killing


Contact Information:

Dr. Kenneth W. Simpson
Phone: 607-253-3567

Alison Manchester

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