Blood and DNA Samples Needed from Boxer Dogs and French Bulldogs for Granulomatous Colitis Study

Breed(s): French Bulldog, Boxer
Study Type: Blood Sample
Study Location: Cornell University

Dr. Kenneth Simpson and his team and Cornell University are seeking blood and DNA samples from Boxer Dogs and French Bulldogs for a Granulomatous Colitis study. Samples are needed from both healthy and affected dogs.

Granulomatous colitis (GC) is a severe inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), typically diagnosed in Boxer dogs and French Bulldogs, but also other mastiff breeds, younger than four years of age. Affected dogs have diarrhea that leads to chronic weight loss, anemia, and debilitation. Previous studies have identified invasive bacteria within immune system cells, macrophages, in the colons of diseased dogs. Antibiotic treatments usually yield clinical improvement, however antibiotic resistant bacteria are present in some cases and persistently affected dogs suffer greatly. Our study aims to identify the genetic basis of this disease in dogs and to understand how the genes involved function in both GC affected and healthy dogs. This will facilitate the development of a genetic and/or functional test to identify carriers and eliminate GC from the breeding pool. We have identified a region of DNA that is strongly associated with GC. We are DNA sequencing larger numbers of GC and controls to identify the specific gene or genes that are affected. We also aim to determine the functional consequences of these genetic abnormalities in dogs with GC.  In order to do this we are collecting whole blood to isolate macrophages and evaluate their reactions to various bacteria.

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Contact Information:
Name: Sara Kalla
Phone: 607-253-3567

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