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Honor Roll of Donors 2011

The Honor Roll of Donors recognizes donors who have contributed $100 or more between January 1 and December 31, 2011.  We attempt to update this list twice per month.  If you do not see your name within a few weeks of making your contribution please contact us.

Look back at the 2010 Honor Roll of Donors.

Diamond Benefactor ($1,000,000 or more)
Nestlé Purina PetCare Company
Benefactor ($500,000 - $999,999)
American Kennel Club
The Estate of Allyn J. Heath
Builder ($100,000 - $499,999)
Pfizer Animal Health
Champion ($50,000 - $99,999)
American Boxer Charitable Foundation, Inc.
American Bullmastiff Association, Inc.
The Estate of Lois J. Smith
Millenium Founder ($25,000 - $49,999)
Gray Lady Foundation
The Estate of Christine Vachuska
Founder ($10,000 - $24,999)
American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation, Inc.
American Shih Tzu Club Charitable Trust
Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute, Inc.
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America, Inc.
Border Terrier Club of America, Inc.
Canine Chronicle
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Foster
Ms. Pam Goldman
Ms. Lois Hilgeman
Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Anne Keleman
Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust
MB-F, Inc.
Ms. Cora N. Miller
Scottish Terrier Club of America Health Trust Fund
Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Torie Steele
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
Westie Foundation of America, Inc.
Leader ($5,000 - $9,999)
American Bouvier des Flandres Club
Australian Terrier Club of America, Inc.
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America, Inc.
Briard Club of America Health and Education Trust
Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation
Ms. Kiki Courtelis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Denman
Mr. and Mrs. Merle R. Eggen
Dr. and Mrs. John Hamil
International Kennel Club of Chicago, Inc.
Irish Setter Club of America Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Koenitz
Leonberger Health Foundation
Ms. Connie G. Miller
Mr. George Pappas
PawPrint Trials
Mr. Jeffrey G. Pepper
Ms. Kay Richardson
Mrs. Jo Ann Rosenberg
Saluki Health Research, Inc.
Dr. Donna L. Shade
Ms. Mary V. Shaver
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sosnoff
The K9 College
United States Australian Shepherd Foundation
Ms. Mercedes Vila
Sponsor ($2,500 - $4,999)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Alvarez
American Shetland Sheepdog Association Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Becker
Ms. Elizabeth S. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cashin, Jr.
Delaware County Kennel Club, Inc.
English Setter Association of America, Inc.
Ms. Laurie A. Eno
Ms. Rachel Finlay
French Bulldog Club of America
Great Pyrenees Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Rhonda E. Hovan
International Alaskan Malamute Fanciers
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
Mr. Cecil Mann
Morris & Essex Kennel Club
Non-Sporting Group Club of Garden State
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc.
Otterhound Club of America
Ms. M. Linda Parker
Penn Ridge Kennel Club, Inc.
Plum Creek Kennel Club of Colorado
Pomeranian Charitable Trust
Portuguese Water Dog Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Georgeann Reeve
Rottweiler Health Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Nancy J. Shaw
Tibetan Terrier Health and Welfare Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Tonnancour
Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Foundation, Inc.
Associate ($1,000 - $2,499)
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon B. Adler
AKC Humane Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Ambrose
Ms. Grace Ray Anderson
Animal Hospital of Woodstock
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Arnold
Australian Cattle Dog Club of America
Ms. Dianne M. Avery and Mr. Beni Levi
Baltimore County Kennel Club, Inc.
Battle Creek Kennel Club, Inc.
Mrs. Sandra Bingham-Porter and Mr. Steve Porter
Birmingham Kennel Club, Inc.
Borzoi Club of America, Inc.
Bulldog Club of America Charitable Health Fund, Inc.
Dr. Bonnie Burman and Mr. Terry Burman
Dr. and Mrs. A. Duane Butherus
Canidae Pet Foods
Central New Jersey Hound Association
Contra Costa County Kennel Club, Inc.
Coyote Classic Dog Shows
Ms. Buffy Cramer-Hammonn
Devon Dog Show Association, Inc.
Mrs. Wendy Djang
English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Assoc. Foundation
Ms. Martha Feltenstein
Finger Lakes Kennel Club, Inc.
Forsyth Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Paula Fox
Dr. and Ms. J. Charles Garvin
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of San Antonio
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Gilbert, Jr.
Gordon Setter Club of America
Mr. and Dr. James W. Grebe
Greeley Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. Tod D. Greenberg
Dr. Sharon M. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hanke
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Hengeveld
Ms. Karri L. Higgins
Mrs. Bruce Hooton
Howard C. Muller and Marguerite E. Muller Charitable Fnd
Dr. Theresa Incagnoli
Ms. Sue Janson
Keeshond Club of America, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Koonce
Lackawanna Kennel Club, Inc.
Langley Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. Michael A. Lappin
Ms. Michelle A. Lavigne
Leonberger Club of the United States, Inc.
Ms. Patricia Long and Mr. Paul G. Dangel
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Noll
Mastiff Club of America Charitable Health Trust
Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club
Ms. Lisa A. McCauley
Mr. William Mckinney
Merrimack Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Neupert
Northstar Working Group Association
Norwegian Elkhound Minuteman Association, Inc.
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA)
Old Dominion Kennel Club of Northern Virginia, Inc.
Old English Sheepdog Club of America, Inc.
Olympic Kennel Club, Inc.
Potomac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club
Progressive Dog Club
Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc.
Ms. Erika Rankin
Mrs. Kate D. Romanski
Samoyed Club of America Education & Research Foundation, Inc
Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club of Georgia
Ms. Dorothy Schulte
Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Association, Inc.
Ms. Paula Segale
Dr. Linda L. Sell
Ms. Margo Sensenbrenner
Ms. Nancy Simpson
Tennessee Norwich & Norfolk Fun Day
Spanish Water Dog Club
Dr. and Mrs. Howard B. Spey
Mrs. Karen Spey
Standard Schnauzer Club of America
Stannard and Dorothy Dunn Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Stevens
Sturgis Kennel Club
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sullivan
Superstition Kennel Club, Inc.
Mrs. Karen Thompson
Trenton Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. Steven R. Vann
Mr. and Mrs. David Vogels
Worcester County Kennel Club
Supporter ($100 - $999)
Ms. Elinor Abrell
Mrs. Cindy Ackerman
Mr. Robert C. Ackworth
Col. and Lt. Col. Billy J. Adams
Ms. Susan A. Adams
Ms. Sandra L. Adams
Advanced Real Estate Settlement Services, Inc.
Afghan Hound Club of America, Inc.
Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Berna L. Akin
Alaskan Malamute Club of America, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Antanas Alkevicius
Mrs. Connie T. Allen
Allentown Dog Training Club, Inc.
Mr. Michael A. Allway
Mrs. Virginia Altman
Ms. Ann Alves
American Beauceron Club
American Belgian Malinois Club
American Belgian Tervuren Club, Inc.
American Black & Tan Coonhound Club, Inc.
American Bloodhound Club
American Boxer Club, Inc.
American Brussels Griffon Association
American Chinese Crested Club, Inc.
American Eskimo Dog Club of America, Inc.
American Fox Terrier Club
American Lhasa Apso Club, Inc.
American Manchester Terrier Club
American Miniature Schnauzer Club, Inc.
American Pointer Club, Inc.
American Sealyham Terrier Club
American Shetland Sheepdog Association
American Shih Tzu Club, Inc.
American Tibetan Mastiff Association
Ms. Barbara E. Ames
Mr. Kurt W. Anderson
Mr. Steve Anderson
Ms. Jane Andrews
Mr. and Ms. Martin J. Archambeault
Arkansas Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Arkin
Mr. James L. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Ashby
Dr. Frederic B. Askin
Atlantic States Briard Club
Ms. Susan B Atwell
Ms. Joanne Austin
Ms. Darcy Babb
Ms. Terri S. Babcock
Back Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Michelle Badger
Badger Kennel Club
Dr. Laurel Baglia
Bahia Sur Kennel Club
Mr. Chris Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baker
Mr. Steven W. Baldwin
Dr. Joanne V. Baldwin
Ms. Connie Banitt
Ms. Valerie Barabas
Mr. William Baran
Ms. Teresa A. Barnes
Basenji Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Diane Baskin and Mr. Frank Wright
Ms. Susan Bass
Basset Hound Club of America, Inc.
Basset Hound Club of Western PA
Ms. Linda M. Bates
Mrs. Sue Bathauer
Ms. Kerry L. Batting
Mrs. Susan Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Beamish
Mrs. Mona W. Beard
Ms. Cindy Beardall
Mrs. Carol Beasley
Ms. Beth H. Beatty
Mrs. Karen Bechtold
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bedford
Ms. Rose Bednarski
Belgian Tervuren Club of Southern California
Bell County Kennel Club
Belroi Agility Club of Virginia, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Otto R. Bennett
Dr. Kathleen Berge
Berner-Garde Foundation
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of SE Wisconsin
Mr. Gregory Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Berthold
Ms. Karyn Beyer
Ms. Jana Bills
Ms. Eugenia B. Bishop
Mrs. Sara Black
Ms. Diane Blackman
Mr. William H Blair
Ms. Jean Blair-Robertson
Ms. Kristin Bloink
Ms. Glenda Blue
Blue Ridge Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club
Ms. Angie C. Bly
Boca Raton Dog Club Inc
Ms. Martha Boden
Ms. Kristi Boehm
Ms. Wendy Boehme
Ms. Litia Bohlig
Ms. Michele Bohrer
Ms. Madelyn Bolt
Dr. Richard & Jean J. Bolt
Border Collie Society of America
Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley
Borzoi Club of Greater New York
Mr. and Mrs. Don Bosnic
Boston Terrier Club of America, Inc.
Mrs. Theresa H. Boucher
Mr. Wayne Boudreaux
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Angevine
Mr. Ben Brainard
Ms. Sarah E. Brayman
Brevard Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. James Bride, DVM, CVA and Mrs. Leslie Bridge
Mr. and Mrs. Neil G. Brody
Ms. Ruth Bromer
Ms. Tina R. Brooks
Mrs. Tamara Brower
Ms. Sheila Brown
Mrs. Danelle M. Brown
Dr. Mary-Helen M. Brown
Ms. Jeannette Bruce
Mrs. Barbara Bruns
Ms. Mary Pat Bulfin
Ms. Diana Bullard
Mrs. Karen Burdash
Ms. Jennifer J. Burks
Ms. Patty Burmeister
Ms. Fara G. Bushnell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butler
Mr. Alan Butt
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Buxton
Mr. Jim Buzzard
By Nature Pet Foods
Ms. Barbara A. Bych
Ms. Maryann Byrns
Mr. Jack Cadalso
Ms. Julia Cadeau
Mr. Tommy Caisango
Ms. Kelly Calhoun
Ms. Barbara Call
Ms. Susan Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Campbell
Canaan Dog Club of America, Inc.
Capital Dog Training Club of Washington, D.C., Inc.
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc.
Dr. R. B. Carl
Ms. Debra Carlson
Ms. Laura Carnes
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Carr
Ms. Grace Cartwright
Mr. Martin Carver
Ms. Debra F. Castelanelli
Ms. Carolyn Cataldo
Ms. Rebecca C. Cato
Ms. Corrine Centa
Central Florida Kennel Club, Inc.
Central New York Kennel Club, Inc.
Central North Carolina Siberian Husky Club
Ms. Catherine Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Chapoy
Mrs. Ellen Charles
Ms. Valerie C. Chase and Mr. William S. Johnson
Chattanooga Kennel Club
Ms. Dorothy Cherry
Chihuahua Club of America, Inc.
Chinese Crested Club of Great Los Angeles
Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America
Chinook Club of America
Chow Chow Club, Inc.
Ms. Anastasie Christiansen-Croy and Mr. John M. B. O'Connor
Ms. Susan Christie
Cirneco Dell'Etna Club of America
Claremore Kennel Club of Oklahoma, Inc.
Mrs. Donna Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Ross Clark
Mrs. Connie Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Clements
Clumber Spaniel Club of America, Inc.
Dr. Joan R. Coates
Dr. Teresa Coble
Ms. Thia M. Cochran
Mr. Garrett Cochran
Collie Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Linda H. Collmar
Ms. Carolyn Collura
Colorado Springs Kennel Club
Dr. and Mrs. Adrian Connolly
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Cons
Ms. Carrie Cook
Ms. Barbara E. Cook
Mrs. Catherine Cooper
Corash and Hollender PC
Corn Belt Kennel Club
Mrs. Joan M. Corr
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Cottle
Andrew and Geri Cox
Crab Orchard Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Sheryl S. Crawford
Ms. Min Creasy
Mrs. Donna W. Cron
Mr. Renay Crooker
Ms. Caryl Crouse
Ms. Mary L. Cuccaro
Ms. Teresa Y. Cuevas
Ms. Cynthia Curran
Cuyahoga Valley Veterinary Clinic
Ms. Arlene A. Czech
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dabbert
Dachshund Club of America, Inc.
Dachshund Club of the Great Lakes
Dalmatian Club of America, Inc.
Dalmatian Club of San Diego County
Ms. Linda Dalton
Ms. Sandra D'Andrea- Leur
Dr. Joyce A. Dandridge
Ms. Judith Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Dann
Mrs. Frances M. Daum
Ms. Pluis Davern
Mrs. Bobbi Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Davis
Davis Dog Training Club, Inc.
Mr. and Dr. Doug Dawson
Ms. Valina Dawson
Dayton Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. Jeffery Deaver
Mrs. Sunny A. Debelak
Ms. Dawne Deeley
Ms. Tamera Deffenbaugh
Mrs. Colleen Defraites
Del Sur Kennel Club, Inc.
Delaware Water Gap Kennel Club
Ms. Mary DeLisa
Del-Otse-Nango Kennel Club
Ms. Kimberly Demchak
Ms. Paula Dempsey
Mr. Doug Denney
Mr. Stephen Depasse
Des Moines Obedience Training Club
Ms. Kathy Deshong
Ms. Susan DeSilver
Ms. Helle K. Desimone
Detroit Kennel Club
Ms. Karen Dewey
Mr. and John Dick
Ms. Barb Dickison
Ms. Nona Dietrich
Mrs. Cathy Dillahunty
Ms. Diana G. Dimon
Mr. and Mrs. Rolfe W. Dinwoodie
Mr. and Mrs. Harold V. Dixon, Jr.
Doberman Pinscher Club of America
Ms. Kathleen Dobson
Dr. William R. Dodd
Ms. Cynthia L. Dodson and Mr. David Golden
Dr. Kenneth A. Doeg
Dog Agility Sport Handlers, Inc.
Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester, Inc.
Dogue de Bordeaux Society, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dok
Ms. Virginia Dorris
Ms. Beth Dowd
Mrs. Beverly Drake
Dr. Christine Dresser
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Drouillard
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Drum
Mrs. Penny S. Duffee
Mr. Jasen Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dunham
Ms. Alicia Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Durfee
Ms. Pat Duryea
Mr. and Mrs. Petter M. Dyson
Ms. Debra Ecarius
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Edge
Edwardsville IL Kennel Club
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Eisele
Ms. Linda D Elbert
Mr. Robert L. Engel
English Cocker Spaniel Club of America, Inc.
English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association, Inc.
Ms. Dana Erenberg
Dr. Toby Erlichman
Ms. Susana Escayola
Mr. Dustin D. Etheredge
Eugene Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Dorothy Everett
Everglades Golden Retriever Club
Ms. Karen Ewing-Juul
Mr. James M. Ezrow
Mr. Chris Farish
Farmington Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Patricia Faust
Mrs. Nancy Faville
Ms. Debra J. Ferguson
Ms. Connie Field
Field Spaniel Society of America
Finger Lakes Tibetan Spaniel Association
Mrs. Patti Finley
Ms. Brenda Finnicum
Ms. Ashley Fischer
Dr. Joel Fisher
Mrs. Linda Fishkind
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Fisk
Ms. Cynthia Fitzgerald
Mr. Dennis P. FitzPatrick
Flat-Coated Retriever Foundation
Ms. Polly Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Luis O. Florian
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Flynn
Ms. Maureen F. Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Folkman
Ms. Linda K. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Forrest
Dr. Linda M. Fowler
Ms. Sophia Francis
Mr. Alan C. Fraser
Mr. Freedline and Mrs. Ference
Ms. Sheira Freedman
Ms. Tracy A. Freeling
Ms. Linda M. Freeman
Ms. Susan Friedenberg
Ms. Enid Fritts
Ms. Janice Frostick
Ms. Mary L. Fuller
Mrs. Karen Fuss
Mr. Gary Galunas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Ganz
Garden State All Terrier Club
Ms. Carol A. Garding
Ms. Karen Gatchell
Ms. Jane M. Gentzen
German Pinscher Club of America, Inc.
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America, Inc.
German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America, Inc.
Mr. Mike Gibson
Gig Harbor Kennel Club
Mrs. Helene Gisin
Glacial Lakes Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club
Mr. and Mrs. James Glasser
Ms. Gay Glazbrook
Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America
Dr. R. Gloster and Mr. D. C. Haldeman
Golden Retriever Club of America, Inc.
Golden Triangle Kennel Club of Mississippi
Ms. Phyllis Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Goldstein
Ms. Rosemary Gong
Ms. Celeste M. Gonzalez
Mrs. Megan Goodwin
Ms. Elizabeth P. Gordon
Gordon Setter Club Of Greater Atlanta
Ms. Diane Gorrow
Dr. Susan M. Goss
Mrs. Jacqueline L. Gottlieb
Grand Rapids Kennel Club
Mr. Michael Gray
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gray
Mrs. Janet Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Gray
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mario F. Greco
Ms. Amy Green
Mrs. Sharon Greenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Paveza
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Greenslade
Ms. Karen Greenwood
Mrs. Mary M. Gregerson
Mrs. Christine Grether
Mrs. Kristanya Griffin
Ms. Victoria Griffin
Mr. Mark Grigalunas
Dr. and Mrs. Ted Grisell
Ms. Cynthia Grupp
Ms. nancy guarascio
Ms. June Guido
Mr. J. Milton Haderer
Mr. Edward W. Hall
Ms. Vicky Hall
Mrs. Mary E. Hallock
Mr. and Ms. James Hamilton
Mr. Kurt Hamlen
Mr. and Mrs. D. Eugene Hamme
Dr. Kathleen M. Harper
Ms. Candice Harper
Harrier Club of America
Mrs. Marnie Harris
Ms. Beth Harris
Mr. Richard T. Harrison
Mr. Robert C. Harriss
Hatboro Dog Club, Inc.
Ms. Laura Haupenthal
Havana Silk Dog Association of America
Havanese Club of America
Mr. and Mrs. George Hawke
Dr. J. David Haworth, DVM, Ph.D.
x Odalys Hayes
Health and Rescue Foundation of PBGV Club of America
Heart of Ohio Sussex Spaniel Club
Mr. Clayton H. Heathcock and Ms. Cheri Hadley
Mrs. Sandi L. Heffner
Ms. Barbara A. Hegenes
Mr. David Helming
Ms. Linda Hembree
Ms. Patti Henderson
Ms. Maria Herman
Hernando County Kennel Club
Mr. Lee Herr
Ms. Pam Hersom
Ms. Lucy A. Heyman
Ms. Joann M. Hickson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hilgenbrink
Mr. Douglas Hill
Mr. Kreg Hill
Ms. Donna L. Hills
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hilmes
Mr. Timothy Hiltz
Mr. Gordon Hite
Ms. Mary G. Hodge
Mr. John E. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hokkanen
Dr. Scott E. Holmes
Ms. Stephanie Holoubek
Mr. and Mrs. Dal C. Hope
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Horvitz
Mrs. Christie House
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hughes
Ms. Mary Hummert
Hungarian Pumi Club of America, Inc.
Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Toni M. Hutto
Mr. David Ibarra
Inland Empire Hound Club of Southern California
Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital
Irish Red and White Setter Association
Irish Terrier Club of America
Italian Greyhound Club of America, Inc.
Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows
Ms. Julie Jackson
Mr. Teague Jackson
Ms. Ellen M. Jacobs and Mr. Frances Krauss
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Jacquier
Mrs. Kimberly Jaeger
James River Kennel Club
Mrs. Cindy Jansen
Ms. Linda B. Jarvis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jaskiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Jensen
Jersey Skylands Labrador Retriever Club
Ms. Mary C. Johnson
Ms. Amanda Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. David Johnson
Ms. Becky Johnson
Ms. Carol L. Johnson
Ms. Sharon Johnson
Ms. Amy Johnson-Edwards
Mrs. Stephanie Jones
Mrs. Linda B. Jordan
Lynn Jordan
Ms. Elizabeth Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Johannes P. Kabel
Mrs. Keke Kahn
Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki
Dr. Elene Kaplan
Mr. Jerry Katz
Ms. Margaret Kaufman
Ms. Mileah Kay
Ms. Michelle Keck
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Keene
Ms. Roberta Kelley
Ms. Alanna J. Kelly
Mr. Daniel A. Kelly
Mr. Blair Kelly
Ms. Linda L. Kelly
Mrs. PJ Kendrick
Ms. Nancy A. Kennedy and Ms. Barbara Ames
Kennel Club of Yorkville, Inc.
Ms. Cheryl Kent
Mr. Ted Kerasote
Mr. Ronald Kercher
Mr. Thomas F. Kerin
Mr. John Kerstein
Ms. Amy R. Kessler
Mr. Jeffrey Kevich
Ms. Janis Kidd
Mrs. Carolyn Stuart King
Ms. Kathleen M King
Mr. and Mrs. David Kinghorn
Ms. Kathleen Kinney
Ms. Carolyn Kinsler
Mrs. Joyce Kirn
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Klinefelter
Ms. Wendy Knudsen Farrell
Ms. A. Margo Koga
Komondor Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Susan Kowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kraft
Ms. Margaret A. Kramer
Ms. Usha Krishnamurthy
Mr. Joseph Krivis
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kubacz
Ms. Carolyn Kulbicki
Ms. Jennifer L. Kurtz
Kuvasz Club of America
Ms. Stacey La Forge
Ladies' Dog Club, Inc.
Lagotto Club of America, Inc.
Lake Shore Kennel Club, Inc.
Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. Bjorn Lamborn
Ms. Sondra Langley
Ms. Linda Lankester
Ms. Patricia Laponsey
Mrs. Ann Lapp
Ms. Linda A. Larsen
Mrs. Gayle A. Latham
Ms. Eileen Laudermilch
Laurel Highlands Kennel Association, Inc
Mr. Bob Laurenzano
Mr. Peter Laventhall-Wolfish
Dr. Frances Smith, Dr. John C. Lawrence, and Dr. Janine Anderson
Ms. Elaine Lawrence
Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club, Inc.
Mrs. Christine Lawrenz
Ms. Bethany Laws
Mr. Morris Lee
Ms. Faye Lee
Ms. Karen D. Lee
Ms. Graafin G. Leeuwenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard LeFrak
Ms. Penny Leigh
Leonberger Club of America
Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. Letourneau
Ms. Alane Levinsohn
Lexington Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Liga
Mr. Charlie Linblade
Mr. Brian P. Livingston
Mr. Brody Long
Mrs. Jodi Longmire
Lost Coast Kennel Club
Lowchen Club of America
Ms. Pamela Lowe
Dr. Stephen Lucas
Ms. Mary Anne Luke
Mrs. Susan B. Lybrand
Ms. Lindsay N. Lynch
Ms. Deborah A. Lyon
Mrs. Barbara Jo Lyons
Ms. Robin MacFarlane
Ms. Susan L. Macmillan
Ms. Pamela Macomber
Ms. Sandra Madia
Magic Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. Kay Maguire
Dr. Mary Mahaffey
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mahone
Mahoning Shenango Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. Victor Malzoni Jr
Manatee Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Betsy Manifold
Mr. William Manley
Ms. Katherine March
Ms. Wendy A. Marciante
Marion Ohio Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. Claudia Mason
Dr. Nicola Mason
Mason Dixon Dog Judges Association
Mastiff Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Lanore Matter
Ms. Kelly Matthews
Ms. Jane Mattlin
Mr. Stephen C. Mauger
Ms. Kathy Max
Dr. Erin Mayfield
Mrs. Karen Mays
Mr. Patrick Mazepink
Ms. Karolynne Mcateer
Ms. Kelly McClellan
Ms. Barbara J. McColgan
Ms. Carolyn S. McColpin
Ms. Shonda McCord
Ms. Susan McCoy and Mr. Larry Greenberg
Mr. Lester R. McCracken
Dr. Mary A. McDaniel
Ms. Christi McDonald
Ms. Betty McDonnell
Ms. Dee McDuffee
Ms. Tammy McGill
Mr. Kirk Mcglamery
Ms. Margaret Megee
Ms. Kathleen A. Meier
Mrs. Sheree Melhuish
Ms. Linda Mendoza
Ms. Renee Meriaux
Ms. Kathy Merrithew
Dr. Barbara Mertz
Ms. Crystal Messersmith
Mr. Herbert G. Meyer
Ms. Wendi Lee Meyer
Mid Florida Havanese Club
Middleburg Kennel Club
Mid-Hudson Kennel Association, Inc.
Ms. Mary A. Miller
Ms. Susan L. Miller
Ms. Brenda Miller
Ms. Karen Mills-Heron
Ms. Nancy M. Minami
Miniature Pinscher Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Casey Minner
Ms. Lisa Mitchell
Miss Megan Mitchell
Ms. Rosemary Mitchell
Mr. James M. Moen and Mrs. Catharine Pronzini
Mr. Harvey Mohrenweiser
Ms. Michele Molnar
Ms. Susan Mongue
Montgomery County Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Fanny B. Moody
Mrs. Vickie Mooney
Ms. Linda Moore
Ms. Pamela Moran
Mrs. Linda Moret
Mr. John Moriarty
Mr. and Mrs. Ward C. Morris
Mrs. Susan R. Morris
Ms. Sarah E. Morton
Mr. Jeremy R. Moser and Ms. Laura B. Kittle
Mount Rainier Working Dog Club
Mount Vernon Dog Training Club, Inc.
Mountaineer Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. Harvey A. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Mulvena
Ms. Heather Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Nance
Ms. Pam Narz
National Beagle Club of America
National Shiba Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Mary L. Nee
Dr. William and Mrs. Joye Neff
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Nelson
Mrs. Susan Nelson
Dr. Nancy W. Newcomb
Newfoundland Club of America Charitable Trust
Newton Kennel Club
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Nielsen
Mr. Richard T. Niemann
Ms. Mary Anne Ninnis
Dr. Norine Noonan
Norfolk Terrier Club
Mr. James Norman
Ms. Karen J. Norteman
Ms. Cheryl North
North County Veterinary Clinic
North Georgia Hound Association
Northeast Ohio Dog Club
Norwegian Elkhound Association of America, Inc.
Norwich Terrier Club of America
Ms. Teri Nyari
Ms. Colleen A. O'Brien
Oconee River Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Donna R. O'Connell
Ms. Pamela O'Day
Mr. W. H. Odum
Mrs. Victoria Oelerich
Mr. Michael O'Hare
Dr. Colleen M. O'Keefe
Mr. Daniel O'Loughlin
Terry Olsson
Orlando Dog Training Club
Mrs. Mary P. Osbun
Mr. Artie M. Owen
Ozark Kennel Club, Inc.
Pacific Northwest Portuguese Water Dog Club
Ms. Virginia B. Paige
Dr. Ivan G. Palmblad
Ms. Angela L. Palmieri
Ms. Constance Parker
Ms. Dian Parkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parry
Parson Russell Terrier Association of America
Ms. Deborah Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Patrick
Ms. Jan N. Paulk
Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Peat
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Ellen S. Pendergast
Penn Treaty Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard C. Penta
Ms. Maria Pereira
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Petrone
Mrs. Nancy Phillips
Mr. Robert Piccirillo
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Pierce
Mr. Ronald H. Pilger
Mr. Alejandro N. Pineatro
Pioneer Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
Mrs. Andrea Piper
Ms. Dina Planche
Pocono Mountain Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Margaret Poindexter
Mrs. Peggy Polaski
Cdr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Poling
Ms. Jan'et Pollack
Ms. Jeri Poller
Poodle Club of America Foundation, Inc.
Port Chester Obedience Training Club, Inc.
Ms. Janet Porter
Ms. Linda J. Porter
Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Sharon D. Potter
Ms. Margaret B. Pough
Ms. Nicole Prentis
Mrs. Mary W. Price
Ms. Kelly A. Priestley
Ms. Wanda Privot
Providence County Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. Paul Pruitt and Dr. Cynthia Cook, DVM
Mrs. Judith B. Pugh
Puli Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Ethel D. Queen
Queen City Dog Training Club, Inc.
Ms. Bette Railton
Ms. Linda Ramjohn-Baldeo
Ms. Carolyn Randel
Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Rappaport and Carol Rappaport
Ms. Jean D. Rassbach
Ms. Jane Rath
Ms. Jeanette Reece
Ms. Lynn Regnery
Mrs. Pamela Reinert
Mr. and Mrs. Steve T. Remspecher
Ms. Angela A. Renneke
Rhea + Kaiser
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States, Inc.
Mr. and Ms. Bryan M. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Richey
Richland County Kennel Club, Inc.
Mrs. Peggy C. Rickenbach
Rio Grande Kennel Club
Dr. Michelle G. Ritt
Ms. Joy L. Ritter
Ms. Susan L. Robinson
Mr. Bruce Robles
Ms. Jennifer Rochedieu
Mr. Robert Rodenski
Ms. Julianne Z. Rohmaller
Ms. Nancy Jo Roseberry
Ms. Patricia Rosner
Mr. Peter Ross
Ms. Louise A. Rosskamp
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Rubin
Ms. Linda Ruelle
Russian Toy Dog Club of America, Inc.
Mr. John Rutkowski
Ms. Margaret A. Ryan
Ms. Donna L. Saalik
Ms. Deb Saks
Sammamish Kennel Club
Ms. Ruth Sampson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank San Paolo & Peter San Paolo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sanchez
Mr. Thomas Sandenaw
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Sanderlin
Ms. Nancy P. Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Sanders
Ms. Andrea Gates Sanford
Santa Maria Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Julie Sarnecki
Ms. Paula M. Sause
Ms. Elaine Saxen
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Scharringhausen
Ms. Mary Schatz
Ms. Maureen Scheall
Ms. Meg Schiffman
Ms. Sandi Schiffman
Mrs. Diana Schilling
Mr. Jeremy A. Schinder
Schipperke Club of America, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt
Ms. Ruth M. Schneider
Mr. Roger Schrom
Ms. Vicky Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schwiegerath
Mr. Ron L. Scott and Ms. Debbie Burke
Scottish Deerhound Club of America, Inc.
Dr. Lin Sell
Ms. Corrine Sellars
Ms. Nancy J. Selman
Seminole Kennel Club
Mr. Vincent E. Sgro
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Shade
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sharp
Ms. Evelyn Shaw
Mr. Peter Shaw
Mrs. Mary Ellen Sheets
Ms. Sloane Shepard
Ms. Georgia Shipley
Shreveport Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Becky Shuris
Dr. James D. Sillers
Silver Bay Kennel Club of San Diego, Inc.
Silver City K-9 Club
Ms. Janet Simer
Ms. Lori Simidian
Ms. Cynthia D. Simonsen
Ms. Inge Skinner
Mr. Michael G. Slankard
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Sledzik
Mr. Lee J. Slorah
Mr. Walter G. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Smith
Ms. Diane Smith
Ms. Christie Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smith
Mr. Guy G. Smith
Ms. Norma Smith
Ms. Alexis A. Smith
Ms. Cynthia Smith
Dr. Frances O. Smith
Dr. Harry Smith
Ms. Jackie Smith
Ms. Laura Smith
Mr. Mark D. Smith and Mrs. Karen Hesse Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon D. Smith
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America
Mrs. Celeste Solano
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sorenson
South Coast Agility Team
South Shore Kennel Club, Inc.
South Windsor Kennel Club
Southern Colorado Kennel Club, Inc.
Southwest Obedience Club of Los Angeles, Inc.
Dr. Jeffrey Speicher
Spokane Kennel Club
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Sprung
Mr. Theodore P. Stafford
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America
Standard Schnauzer Club of Southern California
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Stanevich
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Steele
Mrs. Elena P. Steencken
Mrs. Sarah H. Steidel
Mrs. Helen Stein
Ms. Ann Steinbacher
Ms. Jan Stephenson
Dr. and Dr. Mark Stephenson
Ms. Bettina M. Sterling
Dr. James Sternberg
Ms. Kelly M. Sternberg
Ms. Nancy Stewart
Mr. Robert Stillwaggon
Ms. Eva M. Stock
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Studebaker
Ms. Holly S. Stump
Suburbia North Animal Hospital
Ms. Patricia Sullivan
Ms. Anne Summers
Sunshine Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Inc.
Susque-Nango Kennel Club, Inc.
Sussex Spaniel Club of America, Inc.
Mr. Anthony P. Svizeny
Mr. Edward Swecker
Ms. Patricia Tackett
Talcott Mountain Agility Club
Tampa Bay Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn H. Taylor
Mrs. Diane F. Taylor
Mr. Charles Teasley
Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Temple
Tennessee Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. Anne L. Testoni and Mr. Bjorn K. Zetterlund
Mr. Steve G. Testrake
Ms. Elizabeth P. Tewey
The Animal House
Ms. Maxine Thorne
Mr. and Mrs. Randy R. Tibbs
Tibetan Spaniel Club of America, Inc.
Tibetan Terrier Club of America, Inc.
Ms. Patsy Tibista
Ms. Patsy Tihista
Mr. Scott Tomassi
Ms. Deb Towndrow
Ms. Donna K. Traeger
Ms. Laura Trainor
Trinity Valley Kennel Club
Troy Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Truesdale
Tualatin Kennel Club, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Turner
Mr. Peter M. Tutini
Mr. and Mrs. L. Emerson Tuttle
Twin Cities Old English Sheepdog Club
Ms. Marjorie Underwood
United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club, Inc.
Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club
Ms. Valerie Vale
Mrs. Neena L Van Camp
Ms. Patty Van Sicklen
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Vanacore
Ms. Mary Veitch
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Venditti
Versatility In Poodles, Inc.
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.
Dr. P. Richard Vulliet
Mrs. Elizabeth Wade-Vaturro
Mrs. Janis Waechter
Ms. Connie M. Wagner
Ms. Mary M. Walker and Mr. John Eggers
Ms. Valorie Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Naor Wallach
Mrs. Myra S. Wallis
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Walsh
Ms. Susan Wankner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Warwick
Washington State Obedience Training Club, Inc.
Ms. Lisa M. Waterman
Weimaraner Club of America
Ms. Kelly Weir
Mrs. Dorothy Welsh
West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club, Inc.
Western Washington Hound Association
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeremy T. Whatmough
Ms. G. L. White
Ms. Elizabeth White
Ms. Marsha White
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Wicknick
Ms. Jennifer Widing
Ms. Tammie Wilcox
Mr. and Ms. William Wilczek
Ms. Wendla Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Willhauck
Ms. Mollie M. Williams
Mrs. Bette Williams
Ms. Carole Williams
Ms. Cindi Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Williams
Ms. Margie Williams
Mr. and Ms. C. G. Paris
Williamsport Dog Training Club
Wilmington Kennel Club, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth Wilshere
Mr. Larry Wilson
Ms. Diana Wilson
Mrs. Julie Wilson
Windham County Kennel Club, Inc.
Dr. James S. Windsor
Mr. Howard B. Wittels
Ms. Anya Wittenborg
Ms. Michaela Woiwode
Dr. Barbara C. Wolf
Ms. Freida C. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford G. Woodard
Mr. Charles Woods
Dr. John A. Wright
Ms. Linda Wroth
Ms. Mary L. Wuest
Ms. Marla Yorston
Mr. and Mrs. David Young
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Youngquist
Mr. and Mrs. Todd W. Zaayer
Dr. Jennifer A. Zablotny
Ms. Lisa Zakrajsek and Mr. Michael Murphy
Ms. Cindy Zelbst
Ms. Jan Zigich
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Zimmerman
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