Canine Aggression August 30, 2010

How to recognize and handle canine aggression.

Discovering Your Dog’s Hidden Health August 2, 2010

Genetic tests can uncover problems before they arise, or prevent them altogether. They are of great importance to breeders and to pet owners alike.

A Clean Bill of Health July 13, 2010

Information about the steps you can take to make sure your new dog is healthy.

Bone Cancer in Dogs May 20, 2010

An overview of bone cancer, how it is diagnosed, options for treatment, expected outcomes, and new information that will help us improve strategies for prevention, control, and treatment of primary osteosarcoma in dogs and children alike.

Vaccines and Vaccination Protocols February 11, 2010

The purpose of a vaccine is to mimic an infection so that the immune system is introduced to the pathogens that will cause protective immunity without causing clinical disease. There are several types of vaccines and some are core (recommended) and others are optional.

Healthy Weight for Dogs January 1, 2010

Tips for how to keep your dog the right weight through proper diet and exercise.

Clinical Trials Offer Novel Cancer Therapies October 23, 2009

David Vail, D.V.M., DACVIM-Oncology, professor of oncology and director of the Center for Clinical Trials and Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, advocates to owners whose dogs are diagnosed with aggressive forms of cancer to consider participating in clinical trials whenever possible.

Tailoring Immunonutrition for Individual Dogs October 23, 2009

Immune function plays an important role in a dog’s health and well-being. A key ingredient of healthy immune function is good nutrition, or simply put, what a dog eats.

Collapsing Trachea September 18, 2009

A persistent cough that at times turned into an obnoxious hacking, honking clatter landed a Yorkshire Terrier named “Charlie” at the University of Pennsylvania Ryan Veterinary Hospital. The 6-year-old, 7-pound Yorkie had a collapsing trachea, a potentially life-threatening condition in which the windpipe collapses, cutting off airflow to and from the lungs.

Surgery for Extrahepatic Liver Shunts September 18, 2009

A condition common in toy and small breeds, liver shunts occur when dogs develop an abnormal blood vessel, the shunt, connecting the portal vein to the vena cava, the large vein in the abdomen that carries blood from the back of the legs to the heart.

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