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Exploring the Landscape of Immunotherapy for Canine Osteosarcoma

AKC Canine Health Foundation funded researchers at the University of California, Davis are working to improve the statistics for dogs with osteosarcoma through the exploration of immunotherapy.

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The Continued Threat of Leptospirosis

Protect your family and dogs by staying informed about leptospirosis risks, symptoms, and research.

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Canine Epigenetics and Aging

Mapping of the human and canine genomes and continued advancements in genetic technology provide new areas of exploration into how we age and our susceptibility to diseases as we get older.

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Hair Coat Disorder in Schipperkes Resembles Alopecia X

Researchers describe the clinical, histopathological (microscopic), and laboratory characteristics of a hair coat disorder in Schipperkes that resembles Alopecia X.

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